It is expected that the following goals will permeate the whole school environment, which would enhance the development of a culture of life in the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board.


Whereas it is recognized that pro - life values, such as charity, love of neighbour, and acceptance of all as individuals as made in the image and likeness of God, are taught throughout all the grades in our Catholic system, this report proposes the development of a number of initiatives where these same values can be lived.


  • To promote a Culture of Life within our Secondary School system;
  • To raise awareness of Pro - Life issues among our staff and students;
  • To focus on beginning and end of life issues. (Examples: abortion, euthanasia & stem cell research);
  • To teach our students to recognize the integrity of each person;
  • To build firm family foundations;
  • To enable our students to meet the challenges that face our society;
  • To empower our students with the courage needed to live the Gospel of Life;
  • To build character and leadership in our students;
  • To instill life - long ethical integrity.