Live Life

There exists today in our society a moral relativism which claims that human behaviour is subjective in nature and that one's choices are in no way governed by an objective reality.In essence, this belief states that there is no objective right or wrong governing our actions. This creates a false compassion that sees suffering as the greatest of evils and attempts to relieve it through the use of abortion and euthanasia. We as Catholic educators must come to grips with these and similar world views and bring the students in our charge to an understanding of life which can only come from a belief in God. It is our challenge to help build a "Culture of Life". In addition to denouncing abortion, suicide, assisted suicide, infanticide, artificial contraception and the use of human embryos in medical research, Pope John Paul cites other threats to life including poverty, malnutrition and hunger resulting from the unjust distribution of the world's resources; war and arms trade; the damage being done to the environment; the drug crisis; and sexual immorality. The term Culture of Life is taken from Pope John Paul II's encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), the most sweeping and comprehensive pro - life statement made by the church to date.